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Hors La Monde Shiloh X

Shiloh X ist die dritte Kreation aus dem Hause Hors La Monde. Der erste Duft namens Shiloh wurde von Michel Roudnitska komponiert und wurde in 2007 präsentiert.

Hors La Monde Lady Shiloh ~ new perfume

Hors Là Monde will introduce Lady Shiloh, their third fragrance, next month:
Lady Shiloh is a master piece created by FabriceOlivieri around the idea of the illusion of time.


Hors La Monde Shiloh X ~ new fragrance

Niche line Hors Là Monde has launched Shiloh X, a new unisex fragrance:
On a man or woman, the cool citrus top notes, warm spices in the heart and earthy


Hors La Monde - Shiloh

Hors La Monde is a French company offering both jewelry and perfumes. the company is named after a beautiful situated castle and the name means "Out of this world".


Hors La Monde - Lady Shiloh

I do prefer Shiloh before Lady Shiloh if I have to chose, but that doesn´t mean that Lady shiloh is a weaker scent.


Mazal Tov to Shiloh, the new perfume

My dear friend, nearly family, SymineSalimpour just informed me of the official launch of her new perfume Shiloh.


Shiloh by Hors la Monde : New Fragrance

Shiloh (meaning “his gift” in Hebrew) is the latest fragrance created by perfumer Michel Roudnitska. Collaborating with SymineSalimpour, he composed a fragrance that combines