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BEHIND THE BOTTLE: Symine Salimpour of Hors La Monde “Shiloh X” + Casablanca Draw

SS:  All our perfumes are inspired by love stories. SHILOH X was created around the famous saying "Beauty is in the eye of the beholder".  Is there a better feeling that making someone feel beautiful?!


Smells Like Victory for “Shiloh” Perfumier

The woman behind the fragrance named “Shiloh,” SymineSalimpour, has just won a five-month-long legal battle with Angelina Jolie over the name.


Symine Salimpour s Shiloh , Hors La Monde

The only similarities between Angelina Jolie and SymineSalimpour are as follows:  both are beautiful women with ties to France; both fight tooth and nail for the causes they believe in;


Shiloh Perfume by Hors la Monde

Jeweler and now perfumer SymineSalimpour along with famed nose Michel Roudnitstka created the fragrance Shiloh.

The fact that perfume means different things to different people is hardly news. For some, it s little more than a fashion accessory.

Hors La Monde Shiloh X

Bergamot, Mandarin, Grapefruit.
Cardamom, Rose, Cinnamon, Basil.
Benzoin, Patchouli, Musk, Vanilla.


Shiloh // Hors là monde

Shiloh, which means ‘his gift’ in Hebrew, is a masterpiece by SymineSalimpour in cooperation with the famous perfumer Michel Roudnitska.


Hors La Monde

(ХорслаМонде)этонебольшойювелирныйбренд, основанный Symine Salimpour (СимономСалимпуром) в 2005 году.