Shiloh // Hors là monde

26 March,2010

shilo package-568x700Shiloh, which means ‘his gift’ in Hebrew, is a masterpiece by SymineSalimpour in cooperation with the famous perfumer Michel Roudnitska. There are very few perfumes that manage to create an aura. This is one of them. All the attitudes of this world are found in one bottle. I imagine Shiloh as a traveler, collecting impressions from all cultures and giving something beautiful back in the essence. And I think this is what SymineSalimpour wanted to create. A gift for those who take the time to have a closer look. To understand. To give and take.

The opening is fresh, fruity, floral and spicy at the same time – the whole range. An olfactory explosion that hits you on first smell. We have accords of lemon, bergamotte and herbs in the head note. I also smell peach. The heart is full of a seductive rosewater accord with some cinammon, followed by a soft hint of patchouli, sandalwood, musk and vanilla toward the drydown.

Shiloh is a mysterious and very sensual perfume with an outstanding longevity. I love to sniff on my scarf or my trenchcoat because everything smells of Shiloh. Even my MacBook smells of it where I touch it with my pulse. Not in an intrusive way, feels like me, a real signature scent. And I am really impulsive, every day I want to smell something new. What an outstanding experience – Shiloh feels like home and there is only one word to say: wonderful!

Category: women
Perfumer: Michel Roudnitska
Year: 2007

Notes: lemon, bergamot, herbs, rose from Esphaan, precious woods, Virginia cedar, patchouli, sandalwood, incense, oakmoss, musk, vanilla