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Hors La Monde Shiloh X

2 March, 2012

shiloh x by hors la mondeBergamot, Mandarin, Grapefruit.
Cardamom, Rose, Cinnamon, Basil.
Benzoin, Patchouli, Musk, Vanilla.

FabriceOlivieri is the creator of this 2011 release. Shiloh X is a citric offering and on the demure side in spite of being advertised as an Eau de Parfum.

The soft-entry approach is similar to the way Mecheri tunes her fragrances. The immediate result is that Shiloh X is understated. I cannot say this is a conventional EDP strength since it lacks the expected projection and fullness usually associated with an EDP. The longevity is on the average side and is commensurate with an Eau de Toilette. If Shiloh X is actually a legit EDP, then perhaps it meets the requirements by the skin of the teeth ( so to speak ). I m not complaining since I m attempting to be objective and describe what transpires on my skin.
The citric opening is rather nice. The grapefruit especially is pronounced and a very good rendition. This citrus accord lasts a good while before the grapefruit note passes the baton. Waiting to grab it is a subtle, aromatic woodiness. The rose note isn t particularly obvious, but it s in the mix and if you look for it, you ll find it.

Shiloh X is more grounded by earthiness than spice. The listed cinnamon and basil take a back seat on my skin during all the wearings. The Cardamon, Patchouli and musk notes are merged to evoke earth, wood, soft aromatics and a hint of spice. I m not insinuating that this accord leans masculine, but if forced to choose, I d say that it does. However, both genders could easily wear this and  find the transition doable. It s at this stage of the wearings that I find Shiloh X to be soft spoken, yet it retains just enough presence to be taken seriously. This would make a nice office scent or any venue requiring gentility.

The Benzoin and Vanilla are timid, but I suppose that s in keeping with the theme and tuning of this fragrance. Shiloh X ( at least on me ) never strays oriental and seems content to present its earthy aspects from the heart accord onward. The contribution from vanilla is minimal, but there nonetheless in the extended drydown.

Sillage is close and longevity is moderate for an Eau de Parfum. I enjoy the overall aroma and in spite of its limitations in strength and ingenuity, I have to give Shiloh X a thumbs up with the recommendation of a sample wearing.