Smells Like Victory for “Shiloh” Perfumier

Posted by LT on 31 July 2007

16448 shiloh perfume 073107-400x278The woman behind the fragrance named “Shiloh,” SymineSalimpour, has just won a five-month-long legal battle with Angelina Jolie over the name. Symine claims that the fact that her perfume has the same name as Angelina’s baby is simply a coincidence and the courts seem to agree. From the The Washington Post:The trademark battle “was just a huge misunderstanding,” Salimpour says, magnanimous in victory. “And besides having a baby named Shiloh — because this perfume, it is my baby — we can say we have two other things in common: We believe in human rights, and we love Brad Pitt!”

I wonder if this mean that I can name my future child, Jean Nate. Or quite frankly, if someone like me should even be allowed to have children.